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Company Name

The Title “AMOR HOMES” was derived and inspired by the Spanish generic name “AMOR” which stands for “Love”.

AMOR HOMES didn’t just name itself by inspiration but with a purpose, our Company creates the Property into “a Home Feeling” making all our Tenants feel comfortable in every possible way. We treat all our Staff, Landlords and Tenants with Love that’s why it was necessary to have a company name that defines itself with the Services and Association with it shares with its Clients.

We make sure all our Tenants have a reason to rush back Home after every busy day so that they fit in our Company logo and motto “karibu nyumbani” meaning Welcome Home.

Our Staff

AMOR HOMES we Live to see that all our Clients and Tenants needs have been catered for that’s why give Qualified,Diligent,Hardworking and Effective Staff that always ready to attend our Customer’s needs.

The Company Respects and Treats all our Staff with utmost Transparency and as “AMOR HOMES” we believe in Team Work Spirit that’s why we never fail or get any complains or whatsoever with any of our Staff.


The Global has become a “Village” through embracing an Effective, Fast, Reliable and Time bound Technology, that’s why in AMOR HOMES we have always been in front in getting a more needed Working Technology that sees accuracy in Record keeping and also keeping a Fast Track of all our Tenants and active Landlords through an Advanced, Modern Software Program so that we escape the inconveniences that may occur in issuing rents to Landlords and collecting it from Active Tenants. We have “Lipa na M-pesa” service that sees and helps all our Tenants to make payment in every corner of the Country that they may be in and also as the Company we embraced this Service Technology by making sure that all our Landlords receive their Accounted rent whenever they might be without necessarily coming to our offices in case of their busy schedules.

Our Properties

We work to make sure that all our Tenants have been homed into the Destinations and Houses of their choice and preferences. Regardless of the Economic Status we provide a Reliable and Affordable Homes of the Low, Mid and High Class of Income Profile.

Regardless of the type of House we give, we make sure that we maintain the Property always to be in Good condition as it should be by making regular Inspections whenever required and whenever we get Notice to vacate from Tenants.

We keep our Properties outstanding by Quality Painting and Cement Works (repairs).

Mainly our properties are:

  • Single Room/Double rooms
  • Shops
  • Bedsitters
  • Self-Containers
  • One bedroom/Two bedrooms/Three bedrooms
  • Villas
  • Mansions


AMOR HOMES have worked to see many Happy Landlords and House owners who have worked with us by giving us Building Contracts of Houses, Stored Buildings and Bedsitters through Cost Effective Budget and Timely Constructions.

We are Happy to say that we have accomplished and still continue to Dominate the Construction Market through Satisfied and Happy House owners who so far have worked with us.

Mission Statement

To provide Efficient Real Estate Solutions Globally, Employing Qualified and Diligent Technical Team and last but not least to encourage Adoption of Modern Architectural Plans for Durable and Artistic Homes.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be the Leading Global Real Estate Management that provides needed Services to all Clients in Timely Schedule.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Transparency















+254716 951 541

    About Us

    We live to see that all our Clients and Tenants needs have been catered for, that’s why we provide Qualified, Diligent, Hardworking and Effective Staff who are always ready to attend to our Customers' needs.

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